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Paper Lamination Machine Manufacturers

We are leading the brand of Paper Lamination Machine Manufacturers in the market. The paper lamination machine extends the printed pieces between two pieces of translucent plastic film. This translucent film adds strength and security to the printed paper and extends their life. It also heightens the appearance of the printing by brightening the ink. Lamination increases the life of paper print material. It allows them to remain the same when used frequently. It adds protection against stain, spill, smudges, fingerprints, wrinkles, scrapes as well as keeps safe from oil, grease, moisture, fungus, dirt, and other chemicals.

Being a well-known manufacturer, Shifa Industries manufactures and distributes one of the best Paper Laminations in the market. Paper Lamination Machine Manufacturers design the machine that does professional tasks and creates the printed pieces attain longer. It enhances strength, toughness and extremely impressive. The lamination on paper is entirely transparent and does not harm the printing in any means. Furthermore, the machine designs are robust and sturdy; easy operation needs minimum electricity and is available at a reasonable cost.

Our paper lamination machine is known for its high productivity, reduced workforce, space-saving, less maintenance requirement, and improved longevity. It saves money on reprinting as well. Owing to the best quality features, our products are in high demand among our prospective patrons. Since we are a wholesaler and retailer, we first evaluate the markets trends then manufacture the product as per demand by the industry norms and guidelines.

At Shifa industries, our marketing experts are ready for giving optimal information to our clients and give timely services at the doorstep. If you wish to start paper lamination business, then our machine can be the best option for you. It is an excellent option for you to start a business.

Specification of Paper Lamination Machine


  • This machine can laminated 100 kg paper in 1 hour
Paper Lamination Machine Manufacturers